January 2018

Robit Evolution Series 

The new Evolution top hammer bit series is the result of a systematic approach towards crafting the best possible button bits, and was developed using simulation and analytics. 

In test results of the Evolution bit in hard Scandinavian granite were impressive, with grinding intervals up to 60% longer and lifetime 20% higher compared to conventional hard-rock button bits. Significant performance strides were taken by focusing on flushing properties. In particular, the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations proved their added value, as they drove the pre-test phase for finding of optimal solutions.  The simulations showed that the flow pattern is more even, which reduces bit erosion. The pressure distribution is more uniform, and the smoother side channels along larger main grooves increase airflow ensuring efficient flushing. ‘Dead space’ across the face is significantly cut by introducing an extra flushing hole in the middle, clearing the centre area better of cuttings.

Please have a look at the Robit® Evolution Leaflet for available sizes and further information


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